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A  B  I  O  S  È


focuses on the bride and the group with some detail and does not include choreography of specific guests. I capture a few guests, about 5 to 10 guests.


I continue to focus on the bride and groom, and this doesn't include choreography but I capture some guests, between 5 to 20 guests with few details. More details in the decor and overall scene enhancement. If you order 2 * 40cm x 50cm, these will be done in the style of the Live Package, but within two days. 


includes choreogrpahy, with recommendation that the focus remain on the couple, parents on both sides, siblings, best man and made of honor. Depending on the composition you want, be aware that the artwork can become non harmonious if too many characters in the artwork pull focus away from the couple or centre of attention. During our conversation, together we navigate through your vision, and I help you decide how we can in the most creative way integrate the people that are most important to you, without destroying the integrity of the artwork. My opinion is that the guests are a part of the background and thus I will not want for them to distract from the focus of the artwork, the celebrants; the bride and the groom by being too prominent or detailed.


is a choreographed style based upon my combining real live personal stories with the ceiling expressions of renaissance, baroque and rococo era. It is inspired by Michelle Obama. It is done over 2 - 6 months depending on the composition. It is created from different scenes from the wedding, imagined scenes, includes choreography and is created with several pictures for inspiration.


At your family events and corporate events, I paint you, your venue, and your guests live on site. I come to wedding parties and events and capture the essence of the event, with the wedding couple or main persons in focus live! 

This creates an activity or source of entertainment for guests at the event, and simultaneously, the wedding couple or the clients get a very personal work of art. Interested guests come around and ask questions and follow the artworks development during the evening.

There is also the possiblity to choose guest portraits. Each guest gets to take home their personalised portraits.

I am certain that you and your event will look fantastik in one of my live paintings. 

I am available for international travel.

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